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Dear Friends,

Have you ever thought how exciting it would be if you could be on the ground floor pioneering something incredibly wonderful that will change the world forever?

My wife and I were privy to just such a thing and we want you to know about it especially if you or anyone you know and love face any physical or financial challenge(s) or simply want the greatest lifelong health possible. It is a revolutionary breakthrough discovery in cellular physiology that will soon begin altering the entire landscape of modern medicine, pro-active wellness, anti-aging, holistic healing, and athletic performance and recovery - an historic development (and company by the same name) called ASEA (ah-'sea-ah) that doctors and scientists are calling


ASEA has achieved the impossible - something bio-tech labs around the world gave up on after nearly 20 years trying - how to create, balance and stabilize critically important molecules our cells produce in rich abundance from birth to adolescence called REDOX SIGNALING MOLECULES. What makes this a monumental development? After the age of 12 or so and since time immemorial, our cells production of these life-giving molecules begins decreasing at the rate of about 10% each decade. This eternal decline continually degrades optimal communication and function of our 75 or so trillion cells - which is the major cause for our physical, mental and visible effects of aging - not to mention the growing propensity for illness and disease.

!!! BUT NOW !!!

For the very first time in human history, we are able to ADD redox signaling molecules BACK into our bodies restoring the youthful cellular vibrancy we had as children and, thus, gain unprecedented benefits nothing short of staggering! Replenishing our RSM's reawakens critical gene signalling pathways that rejuvenate all five major systems of the body; the nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system, musculoskeletal system and respiratory system. Simply put, healthy cells = healthy life and there is nothing known that so quickly and effectively repairs, replaces, optimizes and protects cells like ASEA - THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!



The founders of ASEA had originally intended their breakthrough to be sold to the pharmaceutical industry and that came extremely close to actually (and tragically) happening. The reason why ASEA's founders, at the 11th hour, rejected an astronomic figure from a consortium of pharmaceutical giants, anxious to purchase (and likely hide) this breakthrough, and why network marketing was consequentially chosen as the ideal method of distribution, is revealed in a must-watch 16 minute video, 'ASEA THE GENESIS', which can be viewed on the website below.


We are forever grateful to ASEA's founders for sacrificing what has been best described as "generational wealth" to assure this historic development will forever remain accessible to the world :-D  Their heroic decision to not sell - choosing service and purpose over ego and economics - will forever change the future of preventative health care, pro-active wellness, anti-aging and athletic performance and recovery. Our family, including our pets, have been so benefited by ASEA and we've witnessed so many miracles (for true lack of a better word) that I am now dedicating my life to helping others know about it - and I am certainly not alone. The natural compulsion (and moral obligation for many) to spread this awesome news is fueling an unprecedented grassroots physical and financial self-empowerment movement of epic proportions!

In direct reference to the question above, you may very well hear about ASEA from your doctor someday. I've met several doctors at our annual international conventions who have left their practices entirely to promote ASEA full-time after being exposed to it by their patients and realizing the magnitude of what it is, what it does and what it means. They are now HELPING FAR MORE PEOPLE FAR MORE EFFECTIVELY AND SAFELY while earning more income than they ever imagined with no overhead, inventory, employees, paperwork, set hours or specific workplace.



ASEA is destined to become one of the world's great legacy companies but it is still virtually unknown - not even 1% of the planet knows we exist yet - this will not be for long, though. We are growing exponentially person-by-person and will soon be entering intering into what is know as 'momentum' stage (when the general public begins hearing a buzz). Inevitably, when'critical mass' ocurs (ASEA becomes a globally recognized household word), WE WILL BE VERY HAPPY WE CAUGHT IT EARLY - GOT IT - AND ACTED :-D

Sharing ASEA this early offers us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure not only our own physical and financial health but to also help countless others do the same! And what could be better than that when health and finances are arguably the top two tangible concerns in life? Virtually everyone wants or needs better health and/or finances but when both are enhanced simultaneously, especially for those in real need, the transformations are absolutely incredible! We've been in tears many times with associates sharing incredibly emotional stories of how their lives, after loosing nearly all hope, were so blessed (sometimes even saved) by ASEA. That's when you realize why intellectual distribution (sharing) of ASEA may very well be the most rewarding service to others and to ourselves that we will ever know in our lifetime.





Please, take a few minutes to review the links below. The more you learn about ASEA, the more exciting it gets. Whether interested in just taking ASEA for yourself or also in sharing it with others, you will win BIG either way so, please, do not hesitate to contact me with questions or to get more information. I absolutely love sharing all I know about this amazing gift.

Thank you very much for your time in allowing me to share with you




Love And Health First,


(610) 304-3348




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(if you wish to try ASEA, a trial period of at least 90 days is imperative)

Please beware, we are getting reports of conterfeiting on the internet - only deal with a trusted certified ASEA Associate.




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Make sure to view the 16 minute 'ASEA THE GENESIS' video here.















Come learn how ASEA can change your life



Wednesday, March 25, 2020

7:00pm - 8:30pm


Home of Dorothy Knauss

2 Alexander Court

Hockessin, DE 19707

(302) 383-2277


Please RSVP

(610) 304-3348