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Hi Everyone!

Well, needless to say, with everything on hold and dealing with the unknown, these are pretty crazy times but I'll definitely be posting my gig schedule as soon as we can all start getting back in the saddle again ;-)

In the meantime, please, know that ASEA (my regular ASEA info page remains posted below) is proven to increase our glutathione levels by 500 to 800 percent - nothing known comes even close to doing that. For those not familiar, glutathione is the the mother of all anti-oxidants that destroys free radicals and bolsters our immune systems in orders of magnitude far beyond that of all other anti-oxidants combined. You can order ASEA here WWW.BOBCROCE.MYASEALIVE.COM (click 'BUY HERE' at the very top of the page t 'Preferred Customer Program' - provides a couple important advantages). If you have any questions or need more information, please, don't hesitate to give me a shout - I am here to help.

Miss you all :-(  Until we're able to be together again, please, be very safe and well ;-)

Love And Health First,


(610) 304-3348








Dear Friends,

How exciting would it be to you to take part in helping pioneer a revolutionary breakthrough discovery that provides here-to-for impossible life-changing benefits to countless souls worldwide while being your own boss working from home with a ground-floor proven business model with no income ceiling?

My wife and I were privy to just such a thing and we need to share it with you especially if you or anyone you know and love face any kind of physical, mental or financial challenges or simply want to have and maintain the greatest lifelong health possible. It is a major revelation in cellular physiology that will soon be altering the entire landscape of modern medicine, pro-active wellness, anti/reverse-aging, holistic healing, and athletic performance/recovery. This historic development (and company by the same name) is called ASEA (ah-'sea-ah) and it is being hailed by scientists and doctors as


ASEA has achieved the impossible - something bio-tech labs around the world gave up on after nearly 20 years trying - how to create, balance and stabilize critically important molecules our cells produce in rich abundance from birth to adolescence called REDOX SIGNALING MOLECULES. Why is this a monumental development? Redox Signaling Molecules are the most fundamental building blocks of life especially during our early growth years. Since time immemorial, however, after adolescence (around the age of 12 or so), our production of these life-affirming molecules begins decreasing at the rate of about 10% each decade. This eternal decline slowly but surely degrades the communication between our 75 or so trillion cells which is the major cause for our physical, mental and visible effects of aging not to mention our ever-increasing proneness to illness and disease.

!!! BUT NOW !!!

For the very first time in human history, we are able to ADD Redox Signaling Molecules BACK into our bodies dramatically restoring much of the vibrant cell communication we had as children and, thus, gain unprecedented benefits that are nothing short of staggering! This landmark technology goes beyond anti-aging into a reverse-aging realm enabling us to dramatically feel, look and act younger. Here's what gold medal Olympians and top tier world class athletes are experiencing...


Replenishing our once diminishing RSM's reawakens critical gene signalling pathways that rejuvenates all of the five major systems of the body; the nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system, musculoskeletal system and respiratory system. Simply put, healthy cells = healthy life and there is nothing known that so quickly and effectively repairs, replaces, optimizes and protects cells like ASEA - nothing!


Below is a 90 day 'Results Tracker' chart included in every case of ASEA that helps quantify just a few of the seemingly endless benefits ASEA provides.




The founders of ASEA had initially intended to sell their breakthrough to the pharmaceutical industry and that came extremely close to actually (and tragically) happening. The reason why ASEA's founders, at the 11th hour of negotiations, rejected an astronomic figure from a consortium of big-pharma giants anxious to purchase (and likely hide) this breakthrough, and why network marketing was consequentially chosen as the ideal method of distribution, is revealed in a must-watch 16 minute video, 'ASEA THE GENESIS', which can be viewed on the Amazing Molecules website below.


We are forever grateful to ASEA's founders for sacrificing what has been best described as "generational wealth" to assure ASEA will forever remain accessible to the world :-D  Their heroic decision to not sell - choosing principals, purpose and service over massive riches - will forever change the entire world of health and wellness.

In direct reference to the above question, you probably will hear about ASEA from your doctor someday. I've already met several doctors at our annual international conventions who have left their practices entirely to become full-time Independent ASEA Associates after being exposed to it by their patients, realizing what it is, what it does and, ultimately, what it means. They now HELP FAR MORE PEOPLE FAR MORE EFFECTIVELY AND FAR MORE SAFELY and even earn far more income with zero overhead, inventory, employees, paperwork, set hours, required workplace, commute, ect...



ASEA is destined to become one of the world's great legacy companies but it is still virtually unknown (less than 1% of the planet yet even know we exist) but this will not be for long. We are growing exponentially person-by-person and will soon be entering 'momentum' stage (when the general population begins hearing the buzz). When 'critical mass' hits (ASEA is recognized as the global leader in cellular health), WE WILL BE VERY HAPPY WE HEARD ABOUT IT EARLY AND ACTED :-D

Sharing ASEA at this point in time is a uniquely powerful once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure not only our own physical and financial futures but to also help countless others do the same! And what could be better than that when health and finances are arguably the top two tangible concerns in life? Virtually everyone wants or needs better health and/or finances but when both are enhanced simultaneously, especially for those in dire need, the transformations are absolutely incredible! Our family, including our pets, have so benefited by ASEA and we've witnessed so many miracles (for true lack of a better word) that I am now dedicating my life to helping others know about it - and I am certainly not alone. The natural compulsion (actual moral obligation for many) to spread this great news is fueling an unprecedented grassroots physical and financial self-empowerment movement of epic proportions! We've been in tears many times with associates sharing extremely emotional stories of how their lives, after loosing nearly all hope, were completely turned-around (sometimes even saved) by ASEA. That's when you realize why intellectual distribution (sharing) of ASEA may very well be the most rewarding service to others and to ourselves that we will ever know in our lifetime.




Please, take a few minutes to review the links below. The more you learn about ASEA, the more exciting it gets. Whether interested in ASEA's benefits for just yourself or also being a pioneer helping others, you will win BIG either way so, please, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you have or for more information. I absolutely love sharing everything I know about this wonderful gift.

Thank you very much for allowing me to share with you the single greatest health science breakthrough of our lifetime.

Love And Health First,


(610) 304-3348






(If you wish to purchase ASEA to try, a trial period of at least 90 days is imperative)

Please beware, we are getting reports of counterfieting on the internet - only deal with a trusted certified ASEA Associate.








Make sure to view the 16 minute 'ASEA THE GENESIS' video here.




Here's a fun 'quick-draw' overview of redox signaling molecules














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1) Extremely Low Cost   Own your own business with a ridiculously low start-up cost with huge up-side potential.

2) Set Your Own Schedule   Choose to work whenever you like.

3) Work Anywhere   Operate from anyplace in the world.

4) No Employees   Payroll and employee headaches can be massive.

5) No Inventory   Today's network marketing companies drop ship directly to customers and associates.

6) Extremely Low Overhead  Business related miles, travel costs and a portion of your phone bill is basically your only overhead.

7) No Commute   Sitting in traffic every day collectively steals massive amounts of precious time out of countless lives. Working at home dramatically improves the quality of life as it increases productivity time, family time, leisure time and even the bottom line in the way of maintenance and fuel savings.

8) No Income Ceiling   Every job (which might as well be an acronym for Just Over Broke) always has a limited income ceiling.

9) No One Determines What You Are Worth   Jobs pay just enough to stop you from quitting and that's perfectly fine only if you really believe that is your actual worth.

10) No Corporate Ladder   In the corporate world, there are only a few top positions invariably gotten by clawing over many backs. Few prosper - most don't. In network marketing, every individual achieves the level of success they desire and never have to deal with any competition and/or politics.

11) No Discrimination of Any Kind   Regardless of age, gender, education, ethnicity or background, everyone operates on a completely level playing field and enjoys true equality.

12) No Billing Or Accounts Receivables  All transactions are handled by the company online. You never need to deal with accounts receivables, sending invoices or cash flow issues.

13) No Need To Design, Develop Or Maintain A Website And Back Office   The expense and time spent developing and maintaining your own website and back office can be enormous. Today's network marketing companies provide extensive professional personalized websites to easily and effectively educate others to your product(s) and/or opportunity.

14) Time Leveraging   In stocks and real estate, investors leverage their money hoping for positive returns. In network marketing, your time is what is leveraged and it exponentially increases as your networks grow. One thousand people each working just one hour per week leverages a thousand hours per week for your business without you even being there. As John Paul Getty said, "I'd rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 people rather than 100% of my own" ;-)

15) Residual Reproductive Income   Enjoy residual reproductive income even while you sleep. Job wages are generally always fixed and your earning stops when the workday ends.

16) International Possibilities Your business can grow internationally by your own efforts or simply by default.

17) Tax Benefits   The tax benefits of owning a home based business can be substantial and covers the start-up cost oftentimes. Domestic as well as international business related travel expenses are also tax exemptible.

18) Security   Many people fear losing their jobs but network marketing offers stability and diversity by associates joining your business that continually add additional income streams. Imagine gathering a growing number of rental properties without any of the typical maintenance, repair and tenant issues - AND NEVER HAVING TO SHOP FOR AND PURCHASE A SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

19) Scalability   As your income and customer base grows, your infrastructure doesn't - your expenses basically remain the same - not at all possible with traditional businesses.

20) Quickly Profitable   It doesn't take long to start earning in network marketing - not the case in most businesses like franchises and other startups that typically cost a fortune and take years just to break even. Also, most companies today have 'quick start' incentives that enable new associates to turn fast profits.

21) Help Others On A Massive Scale   The ripple affect of your efforts change more lives than ever imagined possible. It's incredibly satisfying to know that by helping just a handful of people directly, you're indirectly helping countless others.

22) Paid Vacations With Uninterrupted Pay   It's one thing having paid vacations but another altogether getting uninterrupted pay as well. Where else does that happen?

23) Personal Growth  Personal development is synonymous with network marketing. The growth you gain is invaluable and guaranteed to make you a better person. It is said that network marketing is a personal growth program disguised as a business.

24) Friendships   The relationships you develop in network marketing are often the strongest you will ever have.

25) Build Leadership Skills   You will definitely grow as you help others. Most folks discover that they're capable of doing far more than they ever thought possible. This is one of the industry's greatest features.

26) Readily Available Support, Help & Encouragement   Everyone pulls for everyone's success. This is rare in corporate America.

27) Readily Available Training   The network marketing industry has vast amounts of training at your fingertips developed by hundreds of years of collective knowledge from the industry's most successful leaders.

28) Involve Your Kids   You can involve your kids in an industry that instills strong work ethics and strong social skills. Because network marketing allows you to work at home and make your own schedule, your children grow up appreciating the advantages of what you do, how you do it and the see the benefit it brings to others.

29) You Are Your Only Limit   Your only limitations are those that you put on yourself. It is said that the biggest challenge in most peoples' lives is the six inches between the ears. Changed thinking changes lives and the decision to succeed is simply that - a simple decision.

30) Build Your Own Dream   It is far more rewarding building your own dream rather than someone else's.

In Summary

You share your product and opportunity with others and for those interested in your business, you simply let them know to duplicate what you've done for them. It is literally that simple. Duplication breeds success and is the magic that drives this multi-billion dollar industry. For doing that, you are compensated well but do not expect to get rich quick. If you think you're going to be wealthy in a few months, you will be disappointed. Focused work for 3-5 years, however, will give you the freedom and the life most people can only dream of.